Four Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

Four Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

Four Tips for Taking Better Photos of Your Dog

Fun Pawtraits creates a custom pet portrait for you in just three easy steps! Your pet is a part of your family, and what better way to celebrate them than with a custom and unique product you can enjoy all the time! Taking photos of your dog can be a challenging task, and this blog dives into tips and tricks for taking better photos of your dog. Get started on your pet portrait!

dog's personality

Make Sure You Know Your Dog's Personality

Does your dog enjoy playing at the park? Perhaps they are a bit on the low energy side and most comfortable at home. Whatever atmosphere brings out your dog’s personality best is where you should take photos of them. This ensures you capture them looking and feeling happy and relaxed in their preferred environment. 

dog's eyes

Focus on the Dog's Eyes

All dogs have unique features, and a great photo can be one where you get a close up shot of their bright eyes. This type of photo can be very artistic, and it features what makes your dog stand out from the crowd. 

dog treats

Try Your Hand at Action Shots

There’s nothing better than capturing an action shot of your dog running towards you or taking a picture of them playing with their favorite toy. When you go to take an action shot, have a toy in your hand or something to get their attention. This way, they look straight towards you. 

action shots

Have Plenty of Treats on Hand

It can be hard to get your dog to focus their attention on the camera when there is nothing in it for them. Be sure to stock up and have all their favorite treats on hand. This way, their attention is focused on the reward!

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