Touching Pet Memorials to Honor Your Furry Friend

Touching Pet Memorials to Honor Your Furry Friend

Touching Pet Memorials to Honor Your Furry Friend

There is no worse feeling than losing a pet you hold near and dear to your heart. These furry friends are often more than just a pet, as they become a member of your family. Pets spend most of their lives providing companionship and immense joy, so once they are gone, it may be difficult to cope without their existence. At Fun Pawtraits, we offer touching pet memorials to honor your furry friend, helping you keep their legacy alive! Visit us online to browse what we have to offer


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Create a Fun and Unique Lasting Legacy 

Your pet brought you immense fun and joy throughout their lives, but the fun does not have to end once they are gone. Creating a portrait puzzle with your favorite picture of your furry friend is an excellent way to keep the joy alive. As the picture slowly comes together, so will all of the memories you enjoyed along the way. 

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Custom Dog Memorials 

There is no better way to honor your beloved pet than by creating a custom dog memorial portrait. These pictures will go a long way in helping you cope with your new reality, as you can display your favorite pet photo that shows you all of the joy your furry friend had in being your companion. 

Pet Memories

Heart Warming Pet Memories & Gifts

We offer various other ways to keep your pet's memory alive. Whether it was you who lost a pet or a loved one, our gift options make the perfect present for anyone needing some light during these dark times. A customized keychain, magnet, mug, or phone case can go a long way, and gifting these items can truly show you care about the person affected by the loss.

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All Simple to Make 

No matter the product you choose as a memorial to honor your furry friend, we make it easy to create customized items you are sure to love. It takes three simple steps:

  1. Upload your favorite photo
  2. Choose your background 
  3. Enjoy your believed product! 

We at Fun Pawtraits understand that losing a pet is a difficult situation to cope with, and we hope we can make things easier by providing products to keep their memory alive. Visit us online to create your customized items and start enjoying the memories of your beloved pet today!