Photo Guidelines

We have some tips to help you get the best results on your photos to customize the cutest results.

Make sure the location where you take the photo has lots of natural light!
This will make the image even bright and vivid.

Even if you are doing the shot indoors or outdoors, be sure that it is in a bright location. It will work using a smartphone or any high-quality camera.

Avoid side angles. Showing the whole face and neck of your pet ensures the quality of the image. Also, is important that your pooch is at eye level facing forward.

All accessories that appear on the image will also illustrate your pet's portrait.
If you don't want something to be shown in the picture make sure to take it off.

If you are still not sure about your picture, email us your image ( and our team will let you know if it will work.
In case your beloved pet is no longer with you, we can still create an artistic and memorable portrait with the images you do have.

Don't worry! We are dedicated to supporting you. Our team will check all the orders and photos as they are sent. If we believe that extra guidance is needed, we will contact you to offer extra help.